About Us

The term Lakan originally referred to a rank in the pre-hispanic Filipino nobility which means "paramount ruler." The term is occasionally used to mean "nobleman", and in Lakan Society’s term LAKAN is Learning and Achieving the Knowledge through the Act of Nobility. We uphold ourselves with high moral principles and ideals by learning, practicing and relaying this knowledge as our noble obligation.

Lakan Society History

 Lakan Society was founded in 1989 as alternative to Fraternity. It all started in Velez College by Glen Llamera and Levi Ortiz both students during that time. They were seeking to join a Greek organization when Uncle Melvin Llamera gave them advice, "Do not join an organization if it involves hazing. We would rather organize our own." Uncle Melvin, a USC alumni and a US Navy veteran, was aware of hazing practice on fraternities and he was against it. In September 10, 1989 Glen and Levi gathered the first 10 members to form the core group in Velez College. The following year another group was formed in USC-TC (University of San Carlos - Technological Center).

 In the beginning, Lakan Society only accepted male students until 1991 when it opened membership to female students. The same year Lakan Society was recognized in USC as an official student organization.

Lakan is not a fraternity.

 With the bad connotation of the term fraternity and sorority in the Philippines, Lakan doesn't use the term or as an official title or classification.

 Lakan Society Principles

 Brotherhood, Leadership, and Service is the principles that bond members in a life-directing commitment. Lakan strives to be a positive role model in the community by doing the right thing and most of all by helping others in need.