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Building better tribes starts with building better men and women.

Membership to Lakan Society is exclusive to bonafide students of the college/university where it's registered.  If there is no Lakan Society chapter in your school consider starting one. Follow the link Start A Chapter.

And to become a member one should be in good standing with the College or University to qualify. 

Simply complete a Prospective Member Information Form and submit or print the form and send it to somebody you know that is an active member. Lakan will provide you with a sponsor if you don’t know one and he/she will endorse your application. 

Depending on the chapter, for them to know the candidate he/she will usually be in education lectures, community service or team building and or self-improvement activity. 

After then the candidate will be in a secret ballot. If the vote is favorable, the candidate will pay a Membership Application Fee and a formal ceremony will follow to start a life long journey of becoming a true Lakan or Lakambini.