Start A Chapter

If there is no chapter in your college/university, you can pioneer a chapter by:

1.) Gather at least 10 or more people of good moral character who are willing to organize a chapter.
2.) Fill-up individual prospective member information form and group petition for chapter.
3.) Candidates and the ceremony team from an already existing chapter will then plan out a convenient date, venue, and location for the starting of the chapter.
4.) Once a mutually convenient date and venue is set, candidates and the ceremony team will meet for lecture-seminar about the Lakan Society which will then be followed by a group or individual interview.
5.) If a vote is favorable then the ceremonies will be conducted.
6.) New chapter members will vote for Supreme Lakan and officers composing the executive board.
7.) New chapter petitions for charter will be recommended to the Council of Elders. The new chapter will first work under guidance of the nearest chapter or Alumni until necessary.